So glad you’re here! My name is Samantha.

The idea for The Looking Glass Home Design came after helping some friends and family organize their homes. Organizing and decorating is something that I have always enjoyed doing. Home is supposed to be the place where you can come and relax and not feel stressed. A reflection of yourself and your family. Mess happens, but having an organization system and a place for everything to go helps immensely.

I am a wife and stay at home mom of 5 boys. An organized home is essential with so many living under one roof. We bought our current home in 2017 and have been slowly making it our own, one project at a time. My love for organizing and interior design started at a young age and has continued to evolve throughout my life. Sometimes I use organizing as a tool for unwinding. I frequently find myself thinking that the state of my home reflects the state of my mind. Sometimes it’s calm and organized, and sometimes it is a complete chaotic mess. It helps to feel in control of something in your life when everything else feels crazy and out of control.

The satisfaction that comes from seeing an organized, beautiful space is a wonderful feeling. I hope to expand my love of these things into a business that will help people feel more comfortable in their own homes. For now, I thought I would start by sharing my ideas and work with the world this way.

​Thanks for visiting!

Design. Organize. Revitalize.


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