Beauty and Pain

The first project.
You know how everyone has a checklist of “must haves” in their dream house? One of my “must haves” was a main floor laundry room. Unfortunately, this house didn’t come with one. That didn’t stop me. I had a vision. That vision was a closet disappearing and a washer and dryer appearing in its place. Piece of cake, right?
My help would disagree. In fact, every time I get a project idea, a pained groan escapes my husband’s lips. He also knows that once the idea is planted, it’s not long before he is working on it or I am starting it myself. This project happened to start the day before we officially moved into the house. In very short order, my “easy” project turned into literal blood, sweat, and tears. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and I have a natural talent for getting hit in the head with flying/falling objects.
Long story short: I was viciously attacked by a falling wall. That jerk was determined if it was going it was taking somebody with it. I ended up in the emergency room with a plastic surgeon and a permanent chunk of missing eyebrow. Now I just have a scar and a need for a better story as to how I got it. You should see the other guy.
I still got my main floor laundry AND I was excused with a doctor’s note from moving anything more than 10 lbs. I didn’t have to do the heavy lifting which I did not mind. Thankfully, we are blessed with amazing family and friends who helped us tirelessly on the coldest day of the year move into our new house.

Quick Tip: Store your dryer sheets and color catchers in pretty canisters. Functional decor! They also sell collapsible laundry baskets that fit perfectly between the washer and dryer. I use that laundry basket for everything from general pickup to laundry sorting.